Sinus Congestion

Sleeping Position and Sinus Drain Discussion

 Simply being alive is one of the main causes of sinus drainage. Every day the human body produces several liters of sinus fluid and mucus, and all of that natural liquid must go somewhere. In the case of sinus drainage, fluid from the nasal passages and sinuses drains via gravity into the back of the throat, where it is swallowed several times a minute.

Allergens such as dust and pollen can also trigger abnormal sinus drainage.  The body’s natural reaction is to produce more mucus in order to flush out the irritant. Ordinarily, this excess fluid would drain into the throat via gravity for elimination

Sinusitis triggers a painful sinus headache and either excessive sneezing or a runny nose. Allergy medications containing antihistamines may be more effective than decongestants for this type of allergy-induced sinus drainage.

You can thank the virus that gave you that nasty cold for the sinus pain and pressure you’re feeling. That pesky cold virus has attacked the membranes of your nasal passages and your sinuses, making them swell up.

Those irritated nasal passages have sent mucus production into overdrive, and all that extra mucus is clogging up your normally air-filled sinuses. Instead of draining out, the mucus gets trapped inside your swollen sinuses. That’s when you start to have the sinus pain and pressure that make you so miserable.

Another cause of abnormal sinus drainage can be a bacterial or viral infection, most likely a cold or flu. The amount of infected sinus fluid overwhelms the natural drainage system, so it stagnates in the nasal passages and becomes thicker. This thicker mucus trapped in a dark, moist environment is an ideal feeding ground for bacteria, which in turn causes discoloration and a foul odor. The infected mucus slowly drains into the throat via gravity.

Sleeping in the flat position eliminates any gravitational force on the sinuses that would improve drainage, therefore, promoting Pooling in the sinus cavity.  During allergy season or during a severe head cold, this typically results in sinus infections.

Our BodyWise Adjustable Slant Bedframe provides a gravitational force during sleep that continues the body’s natural process of mucus drainage.  This drainage keeps the sinus cavity open and clear of infected mucus.  Because our Bedframe is adjustable, you have the ability to raise the head of the bed as high as you need to promote mucus drainage.

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